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The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum maintains Canada's largest collection of operational military vehicles. Our popular 'Tank Saturdays' are an experience for the senses and visitors of all ages. Join us throughout Spring/Summer to see Canadian, Commonwealth and Allied Forces' military vehicles up close and in action!

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Regimental History
KEY APPOINTMENTS: 1866-present

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Commanding Officers (Active Service)  
 * Denotes deceased 
World War One
  116th (Ontario County) Overseas Battalion CEF
  1915-1917 Lieutenant Colonel S Sharpe DSO*
  1917-1919 Lieutenant Colonel GR Pearkes VC DSO MC*
  182nd (Ontario County) Overseas Battalion CEF (Reserve)
  1917 Lieutenant Colonel CF Bick*
  1917-1919 Lieutenant Colonel AA Cockburn*
World War Two
  1939-1940  Lieutenant Colonel E Pearson CD*
  1940-1942 Lieutenant Colonel GY Masson ED*
  1942-1943 Lieutenant Colonel MP Johnston ED*
  1943-1944 Lieutenant Colonel HR Schell ED*
  1944-1945 Lieutenant Colonel RL Purves DSO CD*
  1945-1946 Lieutenant Colonel CM MacLean DSO CD*
Commanding Officers (Militia)
1866-1872 Lieutenant Colonel SB Fairbanks*
1872-1874  Lieutenant Colonel J Wallace*
1874 Lieutenant Colonel W Warren*
1874-1880 Lieutenant Colonel J Wallace*
1880-1892 Lieutenant Colonel M O'Donovan*
1892-1898 Lieutenant Colonel NF Patterson KC*
1898-1902 Lieutenant Colonel JE Farewell KC*
1902-1906 Lieutenant Colonel JA McGillivray*
1906-1910 Lieutenant Colonel AG Henderson*
1910-1913 Lieutenant Colonel JF Grierson*
1913-1915 Lieutenant Colonel CF Bick* 
1915-1917 Lieutenant Colonel AA Cockburn* 
1917-1920 Lieutenant Colonel TA MacGillvray*
1920-1921 Lieutenant Colonel CF Bick*
1921-1925 Lieutenant Colonel HS Cameron VD*
1925-1928 Lieutenant Colonel Frank Chappell VD*
1928-1929 Lieutenant Colonel HE Smith*
1929-1932 Lieutenant Colonel EG Hodgins*
1932-1936 Lieutenant Colonel RB Smith VD*
1936-1940 Lieutenant Colonel E Pearson VD*
1940-1945 Lieutenant Colonel RB Smith VD*  2nd (Reserve) Bn
1945-1946 Lieutenant Colonel LW Currell*
1946-1948 Lieutenant Colonel MP Johnston ED*
1948-1951 Lieutenant Colonel EF Bastedo*
1951-1954 Lieutenant Colonel AG Coulter CD CdeG*
1954-1958 Lieutenant Colonel FS Wotton ED CD*
1958-1960 Lieutenant Colonel MC Finley ED CD*
1960-1965  Lieutenant Colonel JR Warnica CD*
1965-1966  Lieutenant Colonel WC Paynter CD*
1966-1969  Lieutenant Colonel LP Tiggelers CD*
1969-1972  Lieutenant Colonel NM Hall CD
1972-1974  Lieutenant Colonel SJ Skea CD*
1974-1976 Lieutenant Colonel NM Hall CD
1976-1980  Lieutenant Colonel MJ Koster CD AdeC*
1980-1983 Lieutenant Colonel LP Morin CD*
1983-1986  Lieutenant Colonel ID Golding CD
1986-1990 Lieutenant Colonel His Honour Judge DJ Halikowski OMM CD AdeC
1990-1992 Lieutenant Colonel DM Meloche CD
1992-1994 Lieutenant Colonel DTG Matthews SBStJ CD
1994-1997 Lieutenant Colonel RJ Chapman MMM SBStJ CD
1997-2000 Lieutenant Colonel CS Coles CD
2000-2004 Lieutenant Colonel R Thompson CD
2004-2007 Lieutenant Colonel DW Parry CD
2007-2010 Lieutenant Colonel RM Brown CD
2010-2013 Lieutenant Colonel PR Brunberg CD
2013-2016 Lieutenant Colonel MA Rostek CD PhD
2016- Lieutenant Colonel B Clayton CD
Regimental Sergeants Major (Active Service)
World War One
1914-1916 Warrant Officer Class One Riggleford (116 Bn)*
1916-1921 Warrant Officer Class One FC Palmer (116 Bn)*
World War Two
1941 Warrant Officer Class One D Watson*
1941-1945 Warrant Officer Class One M Barker MBE CD*
1945-1946 Warrant Officer Class One C Hill*
Regimental Sergeants Major (Militia)
1866-1870 Sergeant Major A Anderson*
1870-1874 Sergeant Major GW Cameron*
1874-1876 Sergeant Major M Jordan*
1876-1888 Sergeant Major J Chisholm*
1888-1902 Sergeant Major G Lawrence*
1902-1903 Sergeant Major HA Nott*
1903-1909 Sergeant Major JW Alloway*
1909-1914 Sergeant Major W Hole*
1921-1924 Warrant Officer Class One M Cordy MM*
1924-1926 Warrant Officer Class One W Cooper*
1926-1928 Warrant Officer Class One E Greene*
1928-1930 Warrant Officer Class One F Watson*
1930-1941 Warrant Officer Class One H Davies*
1941-1942 Warrant Officer Class One R Bennett*  2nd (Reserve) Bn
1942-1946 Warrant Officer Class One J Butler*  2nd (Reserve) Bn
1946-1952 Warrant Officer Class One M Barker MBE CD*
1952-1956 Warrant Officer Class One T Adams CD*
1956-1964 Warrant Officer Class One W Milne CD*
1964-1968 Warrant Officer Class One JA Newell CD*
1968-1972 Warrant Officer Class One T Korson CD
1972-1975 Chief Warrant Officer DTG (Dan) Matthews CD
1975-1976 Chief Warrant Officer PA Daniel CD
1976-1980 Chief Warrant Officer JJ Drygala CD
1980-1982 Chief Warrant Officer RR Ricard CD*
1982-1987  Chief Warrant Officer RJ Chapman SBStJ CD  
1987-1989 Chief Warrant Officer AR Turner MMM CD
1989-1991 Chief Warrant Officer DW Parry CD
1991-1994 Chief Warrant Officer PH (Phil) Matthews CD
1994-1996 Chief Warrant Officer HR Sutton CD*
1997-1999 Chief Warrant Officer RM Brown CD
1999-2003 Chief Warrant Officer DA Anderson CD
2003-2005 Master Warrant Officer HK Brown CD (acting)
2005-2008 Chief Warrant Officer HK Brown CD
2008-2013 Chief Warrant Officer DJ (Derek) Munroe MMM CD
2013-2016 Chief Warrant Officer DM (David) Munroe CD
2016- Chief Warrant Officer W Irving CD
Honorary Lieutenant Colonels
1913-1919  Honorary Lieutenant Colonel WJ Cowan*
1921-1931 Honorary Lieutenant Colonel RS McLaughlin CC ED CD*
1970-1976 Major (ret'd) HF Millen CD*
1977-1981 Major (ret'd) NF Wilton CD*
1981-1986 Major (ret'd) HE Irwin CD*
1987-1992 Captain (ret'd) JA Sheriff MC CD*
1993-1997  Major General (ret'd) NM Hall SBStJ CD
1998-2001 Honorary Lieutenant Colonel RA Attersley*
2002-2007 Lieutenant Colonel (ret'd) LP Morin CD*
2009-2012 Honorary Lieutenant Colonel John Wright
2013-2016 Brigadier General (ret'd) The Honourable Mr Justice DJ Halikowski OMM CD
Honorary Colonels
1931-1967 Honorary Colonel RS McLaughlin CC ED CD*
1967-1973  Honorary Colonel HJ Cook*
1973-1975  Major-General (ret'd) CC Mann CBE DSO CD*
1975-1979  Lieutenant Colonel (ret'd) AG Coulter CD CdeG*
1979-1983  Honorary Colonel The Honourable MJ Starr PC CStJ*
1983-1993  Honorary Colonel EV Mann SSStJ*
1996-2003 Honorary Colonel WF Hayball*
2003-2008 Honorary Colonel RA Attersley*
2011-2016 Honorary Colonel, Deputy Chief (ret'd) CD Mercier MOM



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