Experience Tank and Military Vehicle rides!

Our Museum is the only place in Canada where you can experience history up-close with a ride in a Main Battle Tank or Military Vehicle.


Tank Saturday Vehicle Rides

$ 20-50
  • M548 “Battle Bus” - $20
  • M113 APC - $50

  • Take a ride on these historic military vehicles!

Tank Experience Package

$ 500
  • Join a Tank Crew during one of our live shows!
  • Suit up in a Tanker Crewsuit and join the crew for the day
  • Learn about tank maintenance, fueling and crew responsibilities
  • Must be booked in advance*

V.I.P. Tank Day

$ 1000
  • -You pick the day!
  • You bring your friends!
  • You pick the Tanks!
  • Must be booked in advance*

Visit the museum, call or email us to learn more.